due to low self esteem if someone is hitting on me i probably wouldn’t even be able to tell unless they directly said “i love you and want to date you” and even then i would be a little skeptical


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nativehueofresolution asked: why did you dislike the other characters in gotg? just curious :)

i didn’t dislike them? i just didn’t like them that much. they sort of….left me cold? or perhaps it was the plot. the plot sorta crowded out the characters in a way?

i find peter quill’s story interesting, but they didn’t really explore that too much. i find drax interesting, but we didn’t get into the whys and whats at all. i find gamora compelling, but she seemed just barely present? and rocket… seemed like he probably has a compelling story? but we don’t see that at all, and instead he just seemed abrasive and jerkish (less so near the end).

i guess they all felt a bit abbreviated?

i dunno i just didn’t enjoy the movie as much as i thought i would. veerrry few of the jokes were actually funny and there were about 60% more explosions than there needed to be imho.

…………it looked really cool tho. and the soundtrack was a fun thing. and i liked groot. but i walked out of the theater feeling ‘meh.’

(in all seriousness, though, a contributing factor may be that it was rather a loud and involved film and i’ve been a bit under the weather lately) (loud and bright is not a good combination for me at the best of times) (i get disoriented) (and my head is beginning to ache and my eyes are having a hard time focusing) (siiigh)

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The Battle for Paris began with a coordinated uprising by the French Resistance on August 19, 1944, following a city-wide general strike.  Watch as deserted streets give way to barricades and organized resistance:


Occupied by German forces since June 1940, the city would be liberated on August 25, 1944, following the arrival of Free French and U.S. Army forces.

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"What is up with Giving Tree here?”


August 19th 14 AD: Augustus dies

On this day in 14 AD the first Roman Emperor, Augustus, died aged 75. Born Gaius Octavius and known as Octavian, he was named as heir of his great uncle Julius Caesar. Upon Caesar’s assassination in 44 BC, Augustus formed an alliance - the Second Triumvirate - with Marcus Aemilius Lepidus and Mark Antony, to rule and take vengeance on Caesar’s assassins. The alliance soon fell apart and the three fought for sole rule of Rome. Octavian emerged victorious after defeating Mark Anthony at the Battle of Actium in 31 BC. Octavian then set about ‘restoring’ the Roman Republic, which had been ruled by Caesar as Dictator, by formally returning power to the Senate. However in reality the new leader kept considerable power in his person, adopting many titles which became part of the imperial pantheon, including ‘Augustus’ (which loosely translates as ‘magnificent’), ‘princeps’ (first citizen), ‘pontifex maximus’ (priest of Roman religion) and ‘tribunicia potestas’ (power over the tribune assemblies elected by the people). Augustus’s constitutional system gave way to the birth of the Principate, the first period of the Roman Empire. He is also considered the first Roman Emperor because the empire greatly expanded under his rule. Augustus died in 14 AD, and was succeeded by his step-son and adopted heir Tiberius. Augustus thus began the stable line of ‘adoptive’ Roman Emperors which ended with Marcus Aurelius’s decision to name his birth son Commodus, who came to power in 180 AD. This year is the momentous 2000th anniversary of the death of the first Roman Emperor. Even today Rome is remembered as a pinnacle of civilisation and empire and much of modern Europe continues to be shaped by its legacy.

2000 years ago today

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Get to Know Clara - #22  Although she loves traveling with the Doctor, she also loves her real life at home on earth. Not only does she not want to rule over a thousand galaxies, when she could be traveling anywhere at any time, she chooses only to travel on a single adventure on Wednesday before returning home for the week.



no but could you imagine one of the quidditch team members saying “knock on wood” and they all just hit oliver before a big match

I’m almost a thousand percent sure the Weasley twins did that at some point