at the polls today

me: *gives my form and id to the lady at the verification table*
lady: is this your school id?
me: it's my driver's license.
lady: oh. is it new?
me: it was four years ago...?
lady: oh.
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"Every child finds a day when they realize that adults can be weak and wrong just like everyone else. After that day, you are an adult. Like it or not."

—Peter V. Brett, Warded man


'Look!' said Pippin. 'Strider the Ranger has come back!'
'He has never been away,' said Aragorn. 

for kat



Guys the petition to recognize Fibromyalgia as a disability ends this month and it needs 97.5 K signatures still please sign this petition its extremely important. Fibromyalgia is ‘a common syndrome in which a person has long-term, body-wide pain and tenderness in the joints, muscles, tendons, and other soft tissues. Fibromyalgia has also been linked to fatigue, sleep problems, headaches, depression, and anxiety

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention


For people who know me, and even to those who do not know me, I would really appreciate it if you would support me and my school’s counseling organization in fundraising for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. I am hoping to participate in the Out Of The Darkness community walk next month at my school in order to raise awareness about suicide and depression.

A donation of any amount would be extremely helpful, and all the money goes to the AFSP. This organization not only raises awareness about these issues, but it also provides comfort and assistance to those who have lost someone to suicide.

I’m currently a graduate student at Nova Southeastern University in South Florida studying to be a mental health counselor. From having lost a friend to suicide to my own constant and daily battle with depression and anxiety, this is a subject that is very personal to me. I understand all too well what it feels like to not want to wake up each day, and I do still struggle with these thoughts from time to time.

More information about the organization is here.
Information about the walks can be found here.
My personal donation page can be found here.

My campus walk is November 16, and I am trying to raise as much as I can before then in order to support this wonderful organization. Whether it be about the organization or my personal story, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask me! Thank you in advance to everyone who helps!


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seek with laughter what to brave turned 3 today!

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